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The Book of German Folk- and Fairy Tales

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Notes: Translated by Dr. Michael George Haldane. Contains 100 fairy tales.

Author: Ludwig Bechstein
Translator: Dr. Michael George Haldane
Published: 1845-53

1.The Birth of Fairy-Tale
2.Of the Valiant Little Tailor
3. The Tale of the Seven Swabians
4.Of the Swabian who Scoffed the Liver
5.The Tests of the Master-Thief’s Skill
6.The Enchanted Princess
7.Queen of Roses
8.All Hell’s Let Loose, or the Tale how the Devil Invented Spirits
9.The Smith of Juterbog
10.The Steaks of Wrath
11.Hansel and Gretel
12.The Partridge
13.Gold-Mary and Pitch-Mary
15.The Devil’s Godson
16.The Hunt of Life
17.The Golden Roebuck
18.The Nut-Twig
19.The Old Wizard and his Children
20.Godfather Death
21.The Starling and the Bathtub
22.The Two Ball-shaped Millers
23.The Judge and the Devil
24.Hans in Luck
25.The Seven Ravens
26.The Three Feathers
27.The Little Jug of Tears
28.Of Johnny and Maggie, who Went for Red Berries
29.The Fair Young Bride
30.The Ears of Corn
31.Of Pullet and Cockerel
32.The Three Wedding-Guests
33.The Tale of the Man in the Moon
34.The Royal Children
35.The Courageous Flute-player
36.God Is Everywhere
37.The Hare and the Fox
38.The Hare-Keeper and the King’s Daughter
39.Little Thumbling
40.The King in the Bathhouse
41.Table-Set-Yourself, Donkey-Stretch-Yourself, Cudgel-Out-the-Sack!
42.Husband and Wife in the Vinegar-Jug
43.The Magic-Contest
44.The Three Gifts
45.The Little Shepherd’s Providential Dream
47.The Shepherd and the Snake
48. The Three Musicians
49.The Three Nuts
50.The Miller and the Nixie
51.Flipperty Flapperty
52. The Kitten and the Knitting-Needles
53.The Fox and the Crab
54.The King’s Minster
55.The Dog’s Distress
56.The Seven Little Kids
57.The Tale of The Land of Cockaigne
58.The Little Tale of the True Liar
59.Pearl Queen
60.Snow White
61.The Monk and the Bird
62.The Seven Swans
64.Of the Little Boy, the Little Girl, and the Wicked Stepmother
65.Swan, Stick On!
66.The Garden in the Well
67.The Three Dogs
69.Little Broomstick
71.Sambar the Mouse, or the True Friendship among Animals
72.The Man and the Snake
73.The Cock and the Fox
74.The Life-story of Sambar the Mouse
75.Brother Saver and Brother Waster
76.The Boys with the Golden Stars
79.The Tale of Knight Bluebeard
80.The Nun, the Miner, and the Blacksmith
81.The Three Stupid Devils
82. The Grateful Beasts
83. The Three Brides
84.The Haughty Bride
85.The Four Clever Companions
86.Bird Holgott and Bird Mosam
87.Of Two Monkeys
88.Of the Wolf and the Mousers
89.The Cat and the Mouse
90.The Golden Egg
91.Little Redcap
92.The Man without a Heart
93.Oda and the Snake
95.The Witch and the Royal Children
96.The Race between the Hare and the Hedgehog
97.The Juniper Tree
98.The White Wolf
99.Rupert Sloth-Bear
100.The Shudders

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