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Ukraine is a country located in Central and Eastern Europe, and is the second largest country on the continent after Russia.
The collection of folktales from the Ukraine consists of one book with 27 folktales.

Cossack Fairy Tales and Folk Tales

Notes: Contains 27 Ukrainian folktales.

Author: Various
Translator: R. Nisbet Bain
Published: Unknown
Publisher: George G. Harrap & Co.


1.Oh: The Tsar of the Forest

2.The Story of the Wind

3.The Voices at the Window

4.The Story of Little Tsar Novishny, the False Sister, and the Faithful Beasts

5.The Vampire and St Michael

6.The Story of Tremsin, the Bird Zhar, and Nastasia, the Lovely Maid of the Sea

7.The Serpent-Wife

8.The Story of Unlucky Daniel

9.The Sparrow and the Bush

10.The Old Dog

11.The Fox and the Cat

12.The Straw Ox

13.The Golden Slipper

14.The Iron Wolf

15.The Three Brothers

16.The Tsar and the Angel

17.The Story of Ivan and the Daughter of the Sun

18.The Cat, the Cock, and the Fox

19.The Serpent-Tsarevich and His Two Wives

20.The Origin of the Mole

21.The Two Princes

22.The Ungrateful Children and the Old Father Who Went to School Again

23.Ivan the Fool and St Peter's Fife

24.The Magic Egg

25.The Story of the Forty-First Brother

26.The Story of the Unlucky Days

27.The Wondrous Story of Ivan Golik and the Serpents

What's interesting in the Ukraine

Saint Sophia Cathedral
is an architectural monument in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. One of the city's most popular landmarks, the Saint Sophia Cathedral was the first Ukrainian site to be included in the World Heritage List together with the Kiev Cave Monastery complex.

Old City of Lviv
is the historic centre of the city of Lviv in the Ukraine. A unique blend architectural styles, the Historic Centre of Lviv is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Chernivtsi University
is one of the leading universities in Ukraine. A masterpiece of architecture, the Chernivtsi University is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Cossack Fairy Tales and Folk Tales