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Australia is a country that includes the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania and other smaller islands. Indigenous people are living in Australia for over 40000 years. Their stories are tightly connected to the Australian outback and its plants and animal inhabitants.

The collection of folktales from Australia consists of one book with 31 stories.

Australian Legendary Tales

Notes: Folk-lore of the Noongahburrahs as told to the Piccaninnies.
Features 31 Australian folktales

Author: Mrs. K. Langloh Parker
Published: 1896
Publisher: David Nutt.,270 - 271, Strand, London;
Melville, Mulle & Slade, Melbourne


1.Dinewan the emu, and Goomblegubbon the bustard

2.The Galah, and Oolah the lizard

3.Bahloo the moon and the daens

4.The origin of the Narran Lake

5.Gooloo the magpie, and the Wahroogah

6.The Weeoonibeens and the Piggiebillah

7.Bootoolgah the crane and Goonur the kangaroo rat, the fire makers

8.Weedah the mocking bird

9.The Gwineeboos the redbreasts

10.Meamei the seven sisters

11.The Cookooburrahs and the Goolahgool

12.The Mayamah

13.The Bunbundoolooeys

14.Oongnairwah and Guinarey

15.Narahdarn the bat

16.Mullyangah the morning star

17.Goomblegubbon, Beeargah, and Ouyan

18.Mooregoo the Mopoke, and Bahloo the moon

19.Ouyan the Curlew

20.Dinewan the emu, and Wahn the crows

21.Goolahwilleel the topknot pigeons

22.Goonur, the woman-doctor

23.Deereeree the wagtail, and the rainbow

24.Mooregoo the mopoke, and Mooninguggahgul the mosquito bird

25.Bougoodoogahdah the rain bird

26.The Borah of Byamee

27.Bunnyyarl the flies and Wurrunnunnah the bees

28.Deegeenboyah the soldier-bird

29.Mayrah, the wind that blows the winter away

30.Wayambeh the turtle

31.Wirreenun the rainmaker

What's interesting in Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world. Located next to Queensland in Australia, over 2,900 smaller reefs and 900 islands form the giant reef system that can be seen from space. Composed of and built by billions of tiny coral polyps, the reef is the biggest structure made by living organisms on Earth. Great Barrier Reef is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

is a large rock formation in central Australia. Uluru is sacred to the Aboriginal people of the area, who left their cave paintings on its surface. Uluru is protected by UNESCO as part of the Wolrd Heritage List.

Kakadu National Park
is a National Park located Northern Australia. Very rich on plants and animals, the park has cave art left by humans that lived there for a least 40 thousand years. The Kakadu National Park is in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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