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Five fairy tales about luck

Luck is an interesting thing. Good luck can bring great things, and while bad luck can be upsetting, we must never let it bring us down! For sometimes it takes a bit of bad luck for us to realize that good things were at arms reach all along. Here is a list of five fairy tales featuring some of the luckiest and unluckiest situations and characters here at World of Tales!

Hans In Luck by The Brothers Grimm

A classic by the Brothers Grimm, 'Hans in luck' follows the story of Hans, who after seven years of service to his master, took his savings and went on a journey back to his mother's house. But his reward, a big lump of silver, seemed unbearably heavy. Throughout his encounters on the way back home Hans manages to release himself of all his burdens. Whether Hans was truly lucky or unlucky, I will leave to you, dear reader!

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Good Luck to the Lucky One; Or, Shall I Fall Down? from the Indian folklore

The second story comes from magical India. It's about a rich man who built a great house over many years. When he went to sleep for the first time, however, a strange voice frightened him out of his new house. What happens next involves a poor peasant, a gold coin waterfall and a bunch of scorpions!

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The Story of the Unlucky Days from the Ukrainian folklore

The third story is about two brothers - one rich and one poor. When the poor brother goes to find his luck in another village, he leaves all his bad days behind and becomes a rich man. The rich brothers arrogance and greed makes all of the bad luck his brother left behind fall upon him.

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The four clever brothers by The Brothers Grimm

The next fairy tale follows the path of four brothers who went around the world to test their luck. Each of them gains a unique skill during their journeys. By working as a team they made their father proud, battled great beasts, saved the princess, and in the end got a great reward.

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The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs by The Brothers Grimm

The last story is about the 'luck-child'. When the King realized he has to marry his daughter to the luck-child, he tried to end his life. But whatever he tried was pointless, for the luck-child would always prevailed. At the end the luck-child returned home victorious and the evil King was punished for his greed.

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