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My name is Viktor, born in Varna, Bulgaria. After graduating college I wanted to learn how to make a website. When I was a kid I was fascinated by the magic of fairy tales and folktales. That is why I choose this topic for my first website. In this high tech world we live in today children seem to forget to be children. Between playing computer games and watching TV our children are exposed to false values and morals. Back when I was a kid these fairy tales were a magical getaway to a fantasy worlds, not only interesting, but also full of these morals and values that lack in this "new" world we live in. The goal of this website is to take children to these wonderful places again,. But, of course, this cannot happen without the help of parents. Read to your children while they are young, and encourage them to read themselves as they get older. That will make them more responsible, intelligent and caring adults. Because the real education starts at home.

On the pages of this website you will find the best known fairy tales by The Brothers Grimm, Chrales Perrault and Hans Chirstian Andresen, the fables of Aesop and Jean de La Fontaine and my personal favourite - folktales from around the world. Sadly, this past year I did not have enough time to upload any new content, but the site design approved dramatically. Most of the content is taken from the free text archive of Project Gutenberg (the fairy tales and fables). The folktales were collected form various internet resources, and some are my original translations.


I hope you find this website helpful. Expect new additions to the collection soon.

For any comments or suggestions, please write to me at:e-mail or use the contact button.


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