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The ghost girl

Once upon a time there lived a couple who wasn't powerful nor rich. They were selling vegetables from their own garden at the local market. But they were nice people and loved each other. And their only dream was to have a child, beautiful like the spring and clever like a sage. Day after day, they were dreaming about it. And while they were obsessed with their desire so strongly that accidentally sold one old woman a kilo of potatoes, though the buyer paid for two kilos...


Author: Alisa Adler License: All rights reserved© - Alisa Adler


Rosemary is a young girl with brown eyes, blond locks of gold and a lovely, tender and modest smile on her face. She comes from the ghettos of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and has been adopted by a Dutch politician of Labor and his wife that is a psychotherapist.

Her biological mother was...


Important: Suitable for children aged 12 and up!
Author: Saskia Troy License: All rights reserved© - Saskia Troy

Princess Rose and the Golden Bird

Many, many years ago, in a kingdom far, far away there lived a beautiful princess. She had long red hair and loved roses so much that everyone called her Princess Rose.

Every evening after dusk, Princess Rose went out on the balcony and clapped her hands. A golden bird came flying out of nowhere and alighted on her shoulder. Instantly, the princess’s hair began to shine, ablaze with brilliant red light. When the bird started to warble an enchanting tune, Princess Rose joined it in a song, everyone in the kingdom fell asleep and had sweet dreams the till break of dawn.


Author: Sergey Nikolov License: All rights reserved© - Sergey Nikolov


In a splendid castle on the ocean shore there lived a King.

The poor man had lost his Queen in childbirth, just as she had given life to their first-born daughter, Princess Selena.

Following that miserable day, the King would not let his little daughter, Selena, out of his sight, for he knew he would not be able to live with himself if anything happened to her, too.

One evening Princess Selena asked her father:

“Daddy, could you not hold my hand when we go to the seashore tomorrow?”

“You’re too young for that, darling daughter.”

“Please, Daddy, just for a little bit!”


Author: Sergey Nikolov License: All rights reserved© - Sergey Nikolov

The Legend of the Black Sea

There once lived an old man on the shore of a beautiful sea. All day he wove nets and caught fish. There were so many that the old fisherman shared them with his animals. He had a nice dog and an evil black cat. The dog was called Boley and the cat was called Serzhina.

“Boley!” shouted the old man to his dog and it came at once.

“Boley, bring me some water because I’m thirsty!” The dog dashed away and in a little while came back with the water.

“Here’s a fish for you,” the old man said as he stroked him.

“Serzhina!”shouted the old fisherman to his cat this time, but Serzhina didn’t appear.


Author: Sergey Nikolov License: All rights reserved© - Sergey Nikolov

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