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The Brothers Grimm

The Brothers Grimm are probably the best-known storytellers in the world. Many years have passed since the time Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm released their "Children's and household tales". The first Volume of Grimms' fairy tales was released in 1812, and the second - in 1814. The first edition and was very modest, both in appearance and capacity - there were only 83 fairy tales, compared to the 200 we know today.

The foreword to the collection was signed by the Brothers Grimm on October 18th, 1812. The booklet was highly appraised in this era of spectacular bloom of romance, when the German national consciousness was formed and nationalist aspirations were awakening.

Brothers Grimm kept updating their collection with newly gathered and recorded fairy tales. In their lifetime the fairy tale collection was translated into almost all European languages, while the German version already had six editions. This was The Grimms first experience of scientific studies and process of folklore and their first major success. For their exceptional scientific achievements modern researchers call them "fathers and founders of German philology."

Stories popular with users

1. The Frog-King, or Iron Henry - Margaret Hunt
2. Cinderella - Margaret Hunt
3. Rapunzel - Margaret Hunt
4. Rumpelstiltskin - Taylor/Edwardes
5. Hansel and Grethel - Margaret Hunt
6. Little Snow-White - Margaret Hunt
7. Little Red-Cap [Riding Hood] - Taylor/Edwardes
8. The Story of the Youth who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was - Margaret Hunt
9. Rumpelstiltskin - Margaret Hunt
10. Little Red-Cap [Riding Hood] - Margaret Hunt

The Books

Household tales by the Brothers Grimm

Brothers Grimm fairy tales

Notes: Translated by Margaret Hunt, this is the only book that contains the complete collection of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales - 200
fairy tales and 10 legends.

Translator: Margaret Hunt
Publisher: George Bell and Sons, London

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Grimm's fairy tales

Household tales by the Brothers Grimm cover

Notes: Translated by Edgar Taylor and Marian Edwardes. Contains 62 fairy tales.

Translator: Edgar Taylor and Marian Edwardes
Publisher: R. Meek & Co., London

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Grimm's Fairy Stories

Grimm book cover 1 Notes: This book contains 25 fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm.

Translator: Unknown
Publisher: Cupples and Leon Company, New York

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Household Stories by the Brothers Grimm

Grimm book cover 1

Notes: This fairy tale collection contains 52 of the Grimm's fairy tales. This new Dover edition, first published in 1963, is an unabridged republication of the work first published by Macmillan and Company in 1886.

Translator: Lucy Crane
Publisher: Dover Publications, New York (Macmillan & Co, London)

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