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Grimm's Fairy Stories

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Notes: This book contains 25 fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm.

Author: Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
Translator: Unknown
Published: 1922
Publisher: Cupples and Leon Company, New York

1.The Goose-Girl
2.The Little Brother and Sister
3.Hansel And Grethel
4.Oh, If I Could But Shiver!
5.Dummling And The Three Feathers
6.Little Snow White
7.Catherine And Frederick
8.The Valiant Little Tailor
9.Little Red Cap
10.The Golden Goose
13.Faithful John
14.The Water Of Life
16.Briar Rose
17.The Six Swans
19.Mother Holle
20.The Frog Prince
21.The Travels Of Tom Thumb
22.Snow-White And Rose-Red
23.The Three Little Men In The Wood
25.Little One-Eye, Two-Eyes and Three-Eyes

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