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The Open Directory Project was created in 1998 with the ambition to classify the internet one website at a time. There are a lot of useful sites related to folktales and fairy tales in the categories listed below and a lot of sub-categories to explore.

Society: Folklore: Literature: Tales

Society: Folklore

Kids and Teens: Arts: Online Stories

Kids and Teens: School Time: English: Literature: Myths and Folktales

Arts: Humanities: Literature in Art: Fables and Fairy Tales

Arts: Literature: Children's: Online Books

Arts: Literature: Myths and Folktales

Arts: Performing Arts: Storytelling

Miscellaneous links
These links lead websites I considered adding at some point.

Beyond... The Black Stump A great resource collection. A definite must see.

Storybud A website for children and parents and all those who love stories and story telling. content is in text, audio and combined audio and text formats. You can download the contents and the site is particularily to those who are visually impaired using speech programs.

Book Spotlight
Ukrainian folktales
Cossack Fairy Tales and Folk Tales