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Folk-Lore and Legends: Oriental

Oriental folktales

: Contains 13 folktales from the Orient.

Author: Charles John Tibbitts
Published: 1889
Publisher: W. W. Gibbings, London


1.The Cobbler Astrologer

2.The Legend of the Terrestrial Paradise of Sheddád, the Son of 'A'd

3.The Tomb of Noosheerwân

4.Ameen and the Ghool

5.The Relations of Ssidi Kur

I.The Adventures of the Rich Youth

II.The Adventures of the Beggar's Son

III.The Adventures of Massang

IV.The Magician with the Swine's Head

V.The History of Sunshine and his Brother

VI.The Wonderful Man who overcame the Chan

VII.The Bird-man

VIII.The Painter and the Wood-carver

IX.The Stealing of the Heart

X.The Man and his Wife

XI.Of the Maiden Ssuwarandari

6.The Two Cats

7.Legend of Dhurrumnath

8.The Traveller's Adventure

9.The Seven Stages of Roostem

10.The Man who never Laughed

11.The Fox and the Wolf

12.The Shepherd and the Jogie

13.The Perfidious Vizier

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