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Myths And Legends Of Our Own Land
Vol. II The isle of Manhattoes and nearby

US folktales vol.2
:Contains 15 US folktales

Author: Charles M. Skinner
Published: 1896
Publisher: J.P. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia and London

1.Dolph Heyliger

2.The Knell at the Wedding

3.Roistering Dirck Van Dara

4.The Party from Gibbet Island

5.Miss Britton's Poker

6.The Devil's Stepping-Stones

7.The Springs of Blood and Water

8.The Crumbling Silver

9.The Cortelyou Elopement

10.Van Wempel's Goose

11.The Weary Watcher

12.The Rival Fiddlers


14.Mark of the Spirit Hand

15.The First Liberal Church

HomeFolktalesNorth American folktales

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