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Folk-lore and Legends: Scandinavia

Scandinavian folktales

: This book features folktales from the Isle of Rugen (Germany), Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the Northern Sagas and Eddas. Contains 28 Scandinavian folktales.

Author: Charles John Tibbitts
Published: 1890
Publisher: W. W. Gibbings, London


1.The wonderful plough (Isle of Rugen)

2.How a lad stole the giant's treasure (Sweden)

3.Tales of cats (Denmark)

4.The magician's daughter (Sweden)

5.The hill-man invited to the christening (Denmark)

6.The meal of Frothi (Norway)

7.The lost bell (Isle of Rugen)

Maiden Swanwhite and Maiden Foxtail (Sweden)

9.Tales of treasure (Denmark)

10.Holger Danske (Denmark)

Tales from the prose Edda:

11. I.The gods and the wolf

12. II.The strange builder

13. III.Thor's journey to the land of the giants

14. IV.The death of Baldur

15. V.The Punishment of Loki

16.Origin of Tiis lake (Denmark)

17.There are such women (Norway)

18.Tales of the Nisses (Denmark)

19.The dwarfs' banquet (Norway)

20.The Icelandic sorceresses (Eyrbiggia Saga)

21.The three dogs (Sweden)

22.The legend of Thorgunna (Eyrbiggia Saga)

23.The little glass shoe (Isle of Rugen)

24.How Loki wagered his head (Edda Resenii)

25.The adventures of John Dietrich (Isle of Rugen

26.How Thorston became rich (Thorston's Saga)

27.Gudbrand (Norway)

28.SThe dwarf-sword Tirfing (Herverer Saga)

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