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The Red Fairy Book

Red fairy book Andrew Lang cover
Notes: The second book from Andrew Lang's collection was first published in 1890 and contains 37 fairy tales.

Author: Various
Editor: Andrew Lang
Published: 1890
Publisher: Langmans, Green, and Co., London; New York

1.The Twelve Dancing Princesses

2.The Princess Mayblossom

3.Soria Moria Castle

4.The Death of Koshchei the Deathless

5.The Black Thief and Knight of the Glen

6.The Master Thief

7.Brother and Sister

8.Princess Rosette

9.The Enchanted Pig

10.The Norka

11.The Wonderful Birch

12.Jack and the Beanstalk

13.The Little Good Mouse

14.Graciosa and Percinet

15.The Three Princesses of Whiteland

16.The Voice of Death

17.The Six Sillies

18.Kari Woodengown


20.The Ratcatcher

21.The True History of Little Golden Hood

22.The Golden Branch

23.The Three Dwarfs


25.The Enchanted Canary

26.The Twelve Brothers


28.The Nettle Spinner

29.Farmer Weatherbeard

30.Mother Holle


32.Bushy Bride


34.The Golden Goose

35.The Seven Foals

36.The Marvellous Musician

37.The Story of Sigurd

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