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Fairy Tales of the Slav Peasants and Herdsmen

Slavic fairy tales

: Contains 20 folktales of the Slavic people. Originally published in french.

Author: Alexander Chodsko
Translator: Emily J. Harding
Published: 1896
Publisher: George Allen, London


The abode of the Gods
1.(I) The two brothers
2.(II) Time and the king of the elements
2.(III) The twelve months

4.The sun;Or, the three golden hairs of the old man Vsévède

5.(I) The sovereign of the mineral kingdom
6.(II )The lost child

7.The maid with hair of gold

8.The journey of the sun and the moon

9.The dwarf with the long beard

10.The flying carpet, the invisible cap, the gold-giving ring and the smiting club

11.The broad man, the tall man and the man with eyes of flame

12.The history of prince Slugobyl;Or, the invisible knight

13.The spirit of the steppes

14.The prince with the golden hand



17.Tears of pearls

18.The sluggard

19.Kinkach Martinko

20.The story of the plentiful tablecloth, the avenging wand, the sash that becomes a lake and the terrible helmet

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