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The New Book of German Fairy Tales

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Notes: Translated by Dr. Michael George Haldane. Contains 50 fairy tales.

Author: Ludwig Bechstein
Translator: Dr. Michael George Haldane
Published: 1856

1. Cinder-Blower and the Wishing-Wand
2. The Crowned Adder
3. The Plaintive Song
4. Hans the Tailor and the Animals who Knew
5. Wavy Sunlight
6. Strong Godfrey
7. Godmother Toad
8. Soullesss
9. The Ungrateful Son
10. The Farthing
11. The Black Count
12. Of the Boy who did not Want to Wash
13. The Tiny, Tiny Little Man
14. The Terrible Night-watch
15. The Hospitable Calf’s-Head
16. The Sharp Shears
17. The Brave Little Beggarman
18. Dwarves’ Caps
19. The Wandering Journeyman
20. The Knight of Our Lady
21. Of the Boy who wanted to learn Witchcraft
22. The Three Wishes
23. The Cow-herds
24. The Most Indispensable Thing
25. The King of the Fishes
26. The Snake with the Golden Key
27. The Golden Sheepfold
28. The Cursed Town
29. Scrub the Muzzle
30. The Talking Donkey
31. The Pious Knight
32. The Wandering Staff
33. The Wishing-Things
34. The Little Blue Flame
35. Ingratitude is the World’s Reward
36. Fat Lollus and Lean Lollus
37. The Eagles and the Ravens
38. Of a Hare and the Elephant-King
39. Of a Hare and a Bird
40. Of a Hermit and three Scoundrels
41. The Cunning Raven
42. The Thief and the Devil
43. The Transformed Mouse
44. The Raven’s Guile and Revenge
45. The Two Brothers
46. The Snake Family-Friend
47. The Snake’s Wet-Nurse
48. Clear-Moon
49. Sevenskin
50. Ducats-Angela

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