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Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales Second Series

Hans Andersen fairy tales vol 2 cover

Notes: This is the second volume of Andersen's fairy tales edited by J. H. Stickney.

Author: Hans Christian Andersen
Editor: J. H. Stickney
Published: 1915
Publisher: Ginn and Company - Boston; New York; Chicago; London

1.The flax

2.The daisy

3.The pea blossom

4.The storks

5.The wild swans

6.The last dream of the old oak

7.The Portuguese duck

8.The snowman

9.The farmyard cock and the weathercock

10.The red shoes

11.The little mermaid


13.What happened to the thistle

14.The pen and the inkstand

15.The teapot

16.Soup from a sausage skewer

17.What the goodman does is always right

18.The old street lamp

19.The shepherdess and the chimney sweep

20.The drop of water

21.The swineherd

22.The metal pig

23.The flying trunk

24.The butterfly

25.The goblin and the huckster

26.Everything in its right place

27.The real princess

28.The emperor's new clothes

29.Great Claus and little Claus

HomeFairy talesAndersen's fairy tales

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