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Scotland is a country in Europe, part of the United Kingdom. During the 18th century Scotland was a commercial, intellectual and industrial power in Europe.
The collection of folktales from Scottland consists of one book with 33 folktales.

Folk-Lore and Legends: Scotland

: Contains 33 Scottish folktales.

Author: Charles John Tibbitts
Published: 1889
Publisher: W. W. Gibbings, London


1.Canobie Dick and Thomas of Ercildoun

2.Coinnach Oer

3.Elphin Irving

4.The Ghosts of Craig-Aulnaic

5.The Doomed Rider

6.Whippety Stourie

7.The Weird of the Three Arrows

8.The Laird of Balmachie's Wife

9.Michael Scott

10.The Minister and the Fairy

11.The Fisherman and the Merman

12.The Laird O' Co'

13.Ewen of the Little Head

14.Jock and his Mother

15.Saint Columba

16.The Mermaid Wife

17.The Fiddler and the Bogle of Bogandoran

18.Thomas the Rhymer

19.Fairy Friends

20.The Seal-Catcher's Adventure

21.The Fairies of Merlin's Craig

22.Rory Macgillivray

23.The Haunted Ships

24.The Brownie

25.Mauns' Stane

26."Horse and Hattock"

27.Secret Commonwealth

28.The Fairy Boy of Leith

29.The Dracae

30.Lord Tarbat's Relations

31.The Bogle

32.Daoine Shie, or the Men of Peace

33.The Death "Bree"

What's interesting in Scottland

The Heart of Neolithic Orkney
is a group of monuments found on the Mainland, the largest island in Orkney, Scotland. The monuments on the site include an ancient burial monument, a village, four giant stone monoliths and a stone circle made from 60 large stones. The Heart of Neolithic Orkney is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Old and New Towns of Edinburgh
are parts of Edinburgh, the capital of Scottland. The Old Town has preserved the unique style of old Scottland. The New Town is highly regarded for its city planning and architecture. The Old and New Towns of Edinburgh are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

St Kilda
is an isolated archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean. People have inhabited the islands for over two thousand years, leaving behind some unique details about their life. For its important natural and cultural significance, St Kilda was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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