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Portugal is a country in southwestern Europe. The Portuguese were the first who set to explore the world, leading to the discovery of Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania. The Portuguese Empire was one of the greatest powers in the world.
The collection of folktales from Portugal consists of two books with 55 folktales.

Tales from the Lands of Nuts and Grapes
Spanish and Portuguese Folklore

Notes: The book contains 21 folktales from Spain and Portugal.

Author: Charles Sellers
Published: 1888
Publisher: Field & Tuer, The Leadenhall Press, E.C.
Simpkin, Marshall & Co.; Hamilton, Adams & Co., London

The Islands of Magic
Legends, Folk and Fairy Tales from the Azores

Notes: The book contains 34 folktales from the Azores (Portugal).

Author: Elsie Spicer Eells
Published: 1922
Publisher: Hardcourt, Brace and Company, Inc., New York

What's interesting in Portugal

The Laurisilva of Madeira
- A laurisilva is a evergreen forest found mainly on islands on the Atlantic Ocean. Beacuse of its rareity and unique diversity of plants and animals, the Laurisilva of Madeira is declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Jerónimos Monastery
is a monastery located in the municipality of Lisbon, Portugal. The monastery is lasted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with the Tower of Belém under the name "Monastery of the Hieronymites and Tower of Belém in Lisbon".

is a town in Portugal. A town with rich history, Sintra is a popular destination in Portugal. Due to the many buildings and monuments Sintra is protected by UNESCO as a part of the World Hertiage List.

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