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Old Hendrik's Tales

Old Hendrik's Tales

Notes: Contains 13 South African folktales.

Author: Captain Arthur Owen Vaughan
Published: 1904
Publisher: Longmans, Green and Co., London, New York & Bombay

1.Why Old Baboon has that Kink in his Tail

2.Old Jackal and Young Baboon

3.Why Old Jackal Danced the War-Dance

4.How Old Jackal got the Pigs

5.When Ou' Wolf built his House

6.Ou' Wolf lays a Trap

7.Ou' Jackalse takes Ou' Wolf a-Sheep Stealing

8.When the Birds would choose a King which tells also why the white owl only flies by night

9.Why Old Jackal slinks his Tail

10.Why Little Hare has such a Short Tail

11.The Bargain for the Little Silver Fishes

12.Why the Tortoise has no Hair on

13.Why the Ratel is so Keen on Honey

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