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France is a country in Western Europe. During the last five centuries France has had a worldwide influence in Culture, Economy and Politics.
The collection of folktales from France consists of one book with 5 folktales.

Old French fairy tales

Notes: The book contains 5 long French folktales. Each story has several chapters.

Author: Comtesse de Ségur
Published: 1920
Publisher: The Penn Publishing Company, Philadelphia

I. Blondine, Bonne-Biche, Beau-Minon


2.Blondine Lost

3.The Forest of Lilacs

4.Blondine's Awakening—Beau-Minon


6.Blondine's Second Awakening

7.The Parrot


9.The Tortoise

10.The Journey and Arrival

II. Gool little Henry

1.The Poor Sick Mother

2.The Crow, the Cock, and the Frog

3.The Harvest

4.The Vintage

5.The Chase

6.The Fishing

7.The Plant of Life

III. Princess Rosette

1.The Farm

2.Rosette at the Court of the King Her Father

3.Family Council

4.Second Day of the Festival

5.Third and Last Day of the Festival

IV. The little grey mouse

1.The Little House

2.The Fairy Detestable

3.The Prince Gracious

4.The Tree in the Rotunda

5.The Casket

V. Ourson

1.The Lark and the Toad

2.Birth and Infancy of Ourson


4.The Dream

5.The Toad Again

6.Violette's Sacrifice

7.The Wild Boar

8.The Conflagration

9.The Well

10.The Farm—The Castle—The Forge

11.The Sacrifice

12.The Combat

13.The Recompense

What's interesting in France

The Eiffel Tower
is a tower located on Champ de Mars, Paris and made entirely from iron. Named after Gustave Eiffel, the engineer who built it, the tower is the tallest structure in Paris and one of the most visited monuments in the world.

The Triumphal Arch
is one of the most famous monuments in Paris. The Arc was built in honour of those who fought and died for France in the French Revolutionary and the Napoleonic Wars.

The Scandola Nature Reserve
is located on the French island Corsica. The Scandola Nature Reserve is protected by UNESCO as a part of the World Hertiage List.

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