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The Indian Fairy Book

The Indian Fairy Book

: From the Original Legends
Contains 26 Native American folktales

Author: Cornelius Mathews
Published: 1869
Publisher: Allen Brothers, New York

1.The Celestial Sisters

2.The Boy who Set a Snare for the Sun

3.Strong Desire and the Red Sorcerer

4.The Wonderful Exploits of Grasshopper

5.The Two Jeebi

6.Osseo, the Son of the Evening Star

7.Gray Eagle and his Five Brothers

8.The Toad-Woman

9.The Origin of the Robin

10.White Feather and the Six Giants

11.Sheem, the Forsaken Boy

12.The Magic Bundle

13.The Red Swan

14.The Man with his Leg Tied Up

15.The Little Spirit or Boy-Man

16.The Enchanted Moccasins

17.He of the Little Shell

18.Manabozho, the Mischief-Maker

19.Leelinau, the Lost Daughte

20.The Winter Spirit and his Visitor

21.The Fire-Plume

22.Weendigoes and the Bone-Dwarf

23.The Bird Lover

24.Bokwewa the Humpback

25.The Crane that Crossed the River

26.Wunzh, the Father of Indian Corn

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