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Folk-lore and Legends: Germany

German folktales

: Contains 30 German folktales.

Author: Charles John Tibbitts
Published: 1892
Publisher: W. W. Gibbings, London


1.Gaffer Death

2.The Legend of Paracelsus

3.Hans in Luck

4.The Grey Mare in the Garret

5.The Water Spirit

6.Peter Klaus

7.The Legend of Rheineck

8.The Cellar of the Old Knights in the Kyffhauser

9.The Fisherman and his Wife

10.The Mouse Tower

11.The Dancers

12.The Little Shroud

13.The Arch Rogue

14.Brother Merry


16.The Jew in the Bush

17.The Elves

18.The Conclave of Corpses

19.Legends of Rubezahl, or Number-Nip

20.The Hunter Hackelnberg and the Tut-Osel

21.The Alraun

22.The Goose-Girl

23.Hans Jagenteufel

24.The Waits of Bremen

25.The Flaming Castle

26.The Monks at the Ferry

27.Doctor All-Wise

28.The White Maiden

29.The Sturgeon

30.St. Andrew's Night

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