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ales of the Sun or Folklore of Southern India

Southers Indian folktales

Notes: The book holds 26 Indian folktales.

Author: Mrs. Howard Kingscote and Pandit Natesa Sastri
Published: 1890
Publisher: W. H. Allen & Co. 13 Waterloo Place, London & Calcutta


1.The Three Deaf Men

2.Why Brâhmaṇs cannot eat in the Dark

3.The Soothsayer's Son


5.Charity alone Conquers

6.Mr. Won't Give and Mr. Won't Leave

7. Mr. Mighty-of-his-Mouth

8.The Mother-in-Law became an Ass

9. The Story of Appayya

10.The Brâhmiṇ Girl that Married a Tiger

11. The Good Husband and the Bad Wife

12.The Good Wife and the Bad Husband

13.The Lost Camel

13.The Lost Camel - Notes

I.The Three Calamities

II.The Honest but Rash Hunter

III.The Brâhmaṇ’s Wife and the Mungoose

IV.The Faithless Wife and the Ungrateful Blind Man

V.The Wonderful Mango Fruit

VI.The Poisoned Food

VII.Eating up the Protector

14.The Monkey with the Tom-Tom

15.Pride Goeth Before a Fall

16.Good Will Grow Out of Good

17.Light Makes Prosperity

18.Chandralêkhâ and the Eight Robbers

19.The Conquest of Fate

20.The Brâhmaṇ Priest who became an Amildâr

21.The Gardener's Cunning Wife

22.Keep it for the Beggar

23.Good Luck to the Lucky One; Or, Shall I Fall Down?


25.The Beggar and the Five Muffins

26.The Brahmarâkshas and the Hair

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