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The Shoemaker's Apron
A Second Book of Czechoslovak Fairy Tales and Folk Tales

The Shoemaker's Apron

Notes: Contains 20 Czechoslovak folktales.

Author: Parker Fillmore
Published: 1920
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace and Company, New York


1.The Twelve Months: The Story of Marushka and the Wicked Holena

2.Zlatovlaska the Golden-haired: The Story of Yirik and the Snake

3.The Shepherd's Nosegay: The Story of the Princess Who Learned to say "Please"

4.Vitazko the Victorious: The Story of a Hero Whose Mother Loved a Dragon

Five Nursery Tales:

I.Kuratko the Terrible: The Story of an Ungrateful Chick

II.Smolicheck: The Story of a Little Boy Who Opened the Door

III.Budulinek: The Story of Another Little Boy Who Opened the Door

IV.The Dear Little Hen: The Story of a Rooster that Cheated

V.The Disobedient Rooster: The Story of Another Little Hen

10.The Nickerman's Wife: The Story of Lidushka and the Imprisoned Doves

11.Batcha and the Dragon: The Story of a Shepherd Who Slept all Winter

12.Clever Manka: The Story of a Girl Who Knew What to Say

13.The Blacksmith's Stool: The Story of a Man Who Found that Death was Necessary

14.A Gullible World: The Story of a Man Who Didn't Beat His Wife

15.The Candles of Life: The Story of a Child for Whom Death Stood Godmother

16.The Devil's Gifts: The Story of a Man Whom the Devil Befriended

17.Gentle Dora: The Story of a Devil Who Married a Scold

18.The Devil's Match: The Story of a Farmer Who Remembered What His Grandmother Told Him

19.The Devil's Little Brother-in-law: The Story of a Youth Who Couldn't Find Work

20.The Shoemaker's Apron: The Story of the Man Who Sits Near the Golden Gate

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